Food therapy has a long tradition in China and has always been associated with the desire for a long life. This always included eating healthy foods that were appropriate for the season. Every food has a certain effect on the human body. That is why, food can be used specifically to support and strengthen the body and to correct energetic imbalances..

Always pay attention to quality

Qualities for determining the effect of our food are taste, smell, temperature behavior, color and consistency of the food. The qualities stimulate and nourish the internal organs. Of particular importance here are the digestive organs, the support of which is usually at the center of every dietary regulation.

More informations

When choosing suitable foods, the patient’s environment, living conditions and habits are taken into account. Healthy food should taste good and should be easy to prepare with the usual foods we use. It is also part of every nutritional recommendation to avoid certain foods and additives from our modern diet, which can lead to imbalances in the organism if consumed excessively.

By integrating the energetic description of the effects of food into the diagnostic and therapeutic system of Chinese medicine, dietetics can be effectively combined with other therapeutic methods in Chinese medicine, such as acupuncture and herb therapy.

For legal reasons, we would like to point out:

Like most naturopathic treatments, Traditional Chinese medicine is not recognized by conventional medicine in its various forms of therapy. It is not part of the general medical standard. Scientific evidence has not yet been sufficiently provided and the effectiveness has not been adequately secured and recognized..