Allergy season is in full swing

Do you suffer from allergy symptoms such as itchy, burning eyes, frequent sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, sore throat?

Then you are welcome to make an appointment for acupuncture treatment.

I can help you with

burn out

Do you have pain or do you suffer from allergies, digestion problems or chronic  fatigue? Then I can effectively improve your complaints! Have acupuncture according to Dr. Tans Balance Methode treat your back pain, shoulder discomfort and headache effectively. I am also happy to offer you help with menstrual problems, fertility treatment and therapy for emotionally related illnesses in Berlin.

Food therapy has a long tradition in China

and has always been associated with the desire for a long life.This always included
eating healthy and seasonal food.

Translator for acupuncture classes

Chinese herbs

The Chinese herbs mainly uses plant parts (roots, barks, flowers and leaves), but also minerals and some animal products.

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