Translator for Si Yuan classes

Since 2011 I have been translating all of Dr. Richard Tehfu Tan and Si Yuan classes live. These classes take place in German-speaking countries, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.I translate between 2-4 courses every year. Translating the classes gives me a great opportunity for further education. This enables me to continuously expand my knowledge, which also clearly benefits my patients.

These are the classes I translate:

  • The AcuCore course includes, for example, the following:
  • How do I make a correct acupuncture diagnosis?
  • How does a logical 3-step strategy lead me to effective points?
  • What is the matrix analysis?
  • How do I treat local complaints and internal diseases?

The AcuAdvance course includes, for example, the following:

  • How do I translate a Zange Fu diagnosis into an acupuncture diagnosis?
  • Treatment of sleep disorders, allergies, hormonal disorders, etc.
  • Balance with Dr. Tan’s 5 elements strategy
  • Treatment based on the seasonal balance
  • Tan’s Strategy of the 12 Magical Points
  • Balance with Gong Fa

The Ba Zi course deals with the following topics:


  • Understand a patient’s strengths and weaknesses through constitution and timing. (Use for infertility, medication, surgery, etc.)
  • Improve your communication with your patients by better understanding their personality, behavior, thought patterns, fears, etc.
  • Deepen your diagnosis to develop more precise acupuncture treatments or adapt your prescriptions. (Design of the environment, nutrition, herbs, etc.)
  • Diagnose and help your patient resolve past emotional blocks that are responsible for or perpetuate current illnesses.
  • Predicting possible developments in health, preventing or reducing the intensity of potential diseases.